How a simple, epiphanic statement started Brimma Tech

Supree Periasamy was doing well for himself and his family of four! He was well respected in the Mortgage and FinTech circle when he had an epiphany.

His moment of truth occurred when he quit his well paying job and started his own firm, Brimma Tech, Inc. Today, just more than a year down the line, Brimma Tech is the youngest Ellie Mae PRO SELECT partner and already has acquired two clients, who love it to the moon and back.

Content Strategy & Digital Marketing Partner, abhi, interviews Supree – President @ Brimma Tech, Inc. on why he started his own firm when life was going great. Or, was it?

This is that story.


Does this obscure little railway station in South Africa ring a bell?

Well, this was where it all began for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to become the Mahatma Gandhi that we all know him as.

“You aren’t good enough!”

  • Was what Gandhi heard when he was thrown off the train with his bag and baggage at Pietermaritzburg railway station on 7 June 1893.
  • Was what Rosa Parks heard when she was asked by bus driver, James Blake, to give up her seat on 1 December 1955.
  • Was what Supree Periasamy heard too.

Recollections of that day

Years later, in his autobiography My Experiments with Truth, Gandhi wrote, “It was winter. The cold was extremely bitter. I began to think of my duty. Should I fight for my rights or go back to India? Or, should I go on to Pretoria without minding the insults and return to India after finishing the case? It would be cowardice to run back to India without fulfilling my obligation.”

Years later, in recalling the events of the day, Rosa Parks said, “When that bus driver stepped back toward us, when he waved his hand and ordered us up and out of our seats, I felt a determination to cover my body like a quilt on a winter night.”

Till that eventful day, even Supree Periasamy was a regular corporate resource like most of us. But that day, something changed. Just like Gandhi and Parks, he decided to turn around his life. He decided to make a lasting impact on his industry, his future employees, and the FinTech world by starting Brimma Tech with a vision to make it “The World’s Most Loved Company” for its internal and external partners (employees and customers).

The Immediate Cause

Abhi: So, Supree why did you start Brimma Tech? I know that there may be a lot of reasons but your readers would love it if you can talk a bit about the immediate cause…

Supree: I understand that business is about profits. But, isn’t it about relationships first?

I wanted to change the environment for people and teams around me. I really wanted to give true meaning to the word ‘partner’. When I say it, I want to mean it.

Like Martin Luther King, I too had a dream! (Laughs).

I had a dream that all employees are treated as partners in an environment where they’re self-driven. A place where work is self-assigned. where decisions are made with consensus building and not imposed, where people take lot of pride, ownership, and accountability in what they do.

I had a dream that one day, I’ll enable my team members to explore freedom and enjoy both professional and financial success. Where they truly think and work for Brimma Tech like it’s their own company!

As a manager and a leader, I wanted to be an enabler for others’ success. What really matters to me is whether I am helping my team succeed. By enabling that, I also know that my customers get exactly what they need.

I want my team to say, “Supree, we love you!” and my customers to say, “Supree, your team rocks!” That’s my only goal.

Thus, hearing that I wasn’t good enough was the final straw on the camel’s back! I started Brimma Tech, Inc.

Abhi: So, was it sweet revenge on the way most organizations treated their employees? You wanted to prove them wrong?!

Supree: It was certainly not sweet revenge. Launching Brimma Tech was just an answer to myself. The answer I found after more than a year of my Brimma Tech journey is, “Due to our excellent team work, I am serving my Four Ps of Life.”

The Four Ps of Life

Abhi: Well, we’ve heard about the Four Ps of marketing for sure! So, can you elaborate a bit more on this?

Supree: Sure. Just like the Four Ps of marketing that you mentioned, I have formulated my own Four Ps of Life:

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Positive impact
  • emPower

All the four Ps come from self-realization and self-empowerment. Brimma Tech was started as  a vehicle for me to fulfill all my four Ps!

Spider-Man once rightly said, “With great freedom, comes great responsibility.” And with the launch of Brimma Tech, I am enjoying both.

Abhi: So, how is Brimma Tech going to make a difference?

Supree: I want to leave a legacy, you see. My legacy will be a byproduct of a good cause.

Like great leaders across all spheres of life, I too want my legacy to be tied to a brand and a vision.

I want to make a difference to all around me: my family, my partners, who join the Brimma Tribe, our clients, their stakeholders, and last  but not the least, to our community…

By community, I mean homeowners, who’ll get faster and more transparent mortgages through the applications that we help build.

Crazy enough to change the world

Abhi: This reminds me of one of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes: “Because the people who’re crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Supree (Being very modest): Hahaha! Changing the world is not my goal.

As Ellie Mae founder Sig Anderman said in almost all quarterly meetings, “Leave this world a better place than how we found it!” That’s my goal.

And Brimma Tech is not just about me finding answers for myself…

It’s that I love novelty – you know, the need to evolve constantly drives me! Self-actualization! At the very top of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!

A sharp triangular corner of an office building in Berlin

I want to reinvent myself everyday and in doing so, change things to make a positive impact to my team and my customers… To the Mortgage and FinTech industry and people impacted by it.

Your Steve Jobs quote reminds me of another one: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Abhi: I want to twist that final quote. So, is Brimma Tech creating leaders or followers?

Supree: Hmm… Brimma Tech is creating both. Because you have to be a great follower to be a great leader… I’ll tell you how.

At Brimma Tech, we work with passionate and self-driven people. People chosen firstly for the values and secondly for the skills they bring to the table.

We partner with people, who’re hungry to be successful. People, who don’t merely wish for success but are ready to work for it. We love working with people, who’re Stage 5 aspirants of the Tribal Leadership philosophy.

As a tribe, we truly believe in sharing and decentralizing everything we generate:

  • Decisions
  • Mistakes
  • Learning
  • Success and failures
  • Profits

Yes, you heard that right! We share profits too!

Also, we enable our clients to become true leaders as we fulfill their business goals by using our service offerings and building upon our strengths for their long-term benefit.

We practice Tribal Leadership and we hope more and more people and companies practice it too.

Final message

Abhi: Any final words to a prospective client, who’s reading this?

Supree: If and when you engage with a technology partner, these are the challenges you might face issues you face:

  • Your core team (business and technical) spends a lot of productive hours doing legwork, correction, and rework for the partner’s team!
  • You’re worried about missed requirements, communication gaps, project management overhead, usability gaps, design gaps, mediocre architecture leading to missing non-functional requirements (performance, scalability, and security), buggy code, improper time-to-market strategy, which affects your project schedule and business strategy.
  • Despite getting an army of people, nobody takes accountability for delivering your business needs!
  • You end up with multiple reworks and project management overheads.
  • In the end, the cost to maintain what was built is higher than the original work product.
  • Despite having countless hours of project meetings, chasing down project plans, publishing project health and dashboards, your project misses its crucial deadlines!

Is it just me or did I hear you exclaim, “Bingo!?”

We know what you need. You need a trusted technology partner, who’ll:

  • Consistently deliver top notch quality technology solutions on time
  • Enable you to achieve business process efficiency, productivity gains, and bottomline business goals while delivering delightful customer experience
  • Go above and beyond to earn your trust
  • Share your passion for your success… For the life of your company


Well, look no further.

We would love to partner with you to help you succeed. And, have loads of fun along the way.

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