Process Optimization

Brimma's Process Optimization involves analyzing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the process by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, reducing time, and improving quality.

Consulting Offerings

  • Identify & Document Friction Points
  • User Experience and User Interface Ideation
  • LOS and 3rd-party Platform Capabilities Analysis, including architecture and code analysis
  • Current/Target-state Business Process Analysis
  • Target-state Technology Guidance (Reference Architecture)

Process Optimization

(Current State)

For larger customers that want an end-to-end deep dive

  • Brimma collaborates with client teams to understand what happens and why for “Root Cause Analysis”
  • We dig into “Pre-conditions” of status, data and documents to group logical “Event Trigger” points
  • Collectively we identify process friction points for automation

Current State - Typically highly manual task-oriented

Process Optimization

(Future State)

Future state envisions all of the possible automations

  • Common to eliminate 75-80% of manual effort (e.g. 24 manual steps reduced to 5 in the example above)
  • Each automation maps back to your custom roadmap representing your priorities, risk appetite, and change readiness

Future State - Identifies and prioritizes automation opportunities

Process Optimization Consulting

Brimma offers a 2-week engagement that drills-into the most common pain points and defines Quick Hit solutions.

If you are struggling to understand how to mesh technology into your everyday business processes, we also offer a 5 week Full Business Assessment where we:

  • Baseline what is working well and what needs to be improved
  • Layout a roadmap that indicates the most impact combination of business process, technology and program management changes
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