Our Vision

Brimma believes in building a technology ecosystem where companies are untethered from out-dated, monolithic systems and able to leverage new technology to adapt to the ever-changing business needs.

Our Mission

Pro-actively partner with lenders big and small to re-engineer their business processes and continuously deliver automation innovations using the right mix of technology enablers to deliver substantial ROI across their origination enterprise while increasing morale for all parties to
the transaction.

The Brimma Tribe is unique

Our innovations are born at the intersection of Deep Mortgage Business Domain Experience & Technology Design/Delivery Ingenuity. Our approach is simple and proven.

  • Leverage decades of mortgage business domain experience to quickly identify and document lender process choke points.
  • Tap into our 20+ year record of successfully integrating complex disparate technology stacks across mortgage origination and servicing.
  • Assemble high-performing technical teams and disciplined project management to inspire and deliver game-changing solutions that create “raving fans”.

A few of our delighted partners...

ICE Mortgage Premier Partner

We are the ICE Mortgage Premier Partner with a unique combination of Mortgage domain experience coupled with modern technology expertise that allows us to deliver business results through technology.

  • Decades of mortgage domain experience means we understand your business; No need to teach us what you do.
  • A library of solution accelerators that enable us to construct and customize solutions to your unique needs.
  • We can deliver in-app plug-ins, customizations, BOTs, or API-based solutions that solve problems where you need them solved.
  • Leverage best-of-breed tools for rules-based workflow automation.
  • Able to deliver secure, reliable cloud solutions that meet your needs based on where you are in your migration to cloud applications.
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