Brimma Tech is a Certified Encompass Developer!

By now, most of you would’ve known that Brimma Tech is the youngest company to become an Ellie Mae Pro Select Partner!

Brimma Tech has added yet another feather in our headgear: as of February 2018, we’re also an Encompass Certified Developer.

The image shows a carnival procession/dance with two males dressed in tribal gear!

Photo by Samuel Dixon on Unsplash

And we’re dancing… Our celebration is a never-ending carnival!

One can attend an Encompass certification training only if you’re Ellie Mae’s partner or their lender customer. So, as soon as we got an invite for the three-day training, Supree Periasamy, our President @ Brimma Tech, packed his bags and flew down to Dallas from Raleigh, NC.

A cold start
He had absolutely no idea that Dallas could get down to 30ºF (approximately -1ºC) … That too, in early February!

He was totally unprepared for that!

A warm learning environment
But, the two amazing Encompass instructors, Hollis Johnson and Sydney Dent created a warm and welcome training session over three days!

It was an inclusive and engaging hands-on training exercise to code on SDK and DevConnect tools. His fellow participants were super cool. Everybody kept sharing their tips and tricks on Encompass based on their prior experience.

Supree had participated and even conducted quite a few training programs in his long career but this was a unique experience for him too! As it was a highly interactive and intensive learning experience, he was completely immersed into it from 6 February through 8 February 2018.

A positive outcome
Supree exclaims, “I had to develop a plugin using C#, which was a fun exercise.  That was the first program I wrote in C#. Coming from a Java background, it wasn’t that hard to pick up the syntax. At the end of the exercise, I was thrilled to see my plugin working well!”

He loved experimenting and playing with the DevConnect API as it was a lot of fun.

He aced the final test by demonstrating a keen understanding of the subject and coded a plugin as required.

“I found DevConnect to be a very powerful tool. I am certain it’ll open a whole new paradigm for Encompass clients and partners to innovate and extend the Encompass suite of products.” – Supree

Benefits of this certification
This certification, along with our newly acquired MBa membership, shows our commitment to keeping ourselves abreast of the latest offerings from the Encompass universe.

It demonstrates our deep understanding of Encompass so that we can build Encompass extensions and support services for Encompass customers (both directly and indirectly).

We’re thrilled to join the Encompass innovation squad to serve Encompass customers and the entire Mortgage industry thereof!

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